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atelier n. a workshop or studio, esp. of an artist or designer
(from The Canadian Oxford Dictionary)

Website Atelier was founded in 2001 by Ariel Frailich to provide quality web sites, particularly to small businesses, entrepreneurs and independents.

Ariel has been designing and programming web sites since 1996. He brings close to 25 years of experience in various areas together to help you create a successful online presence (see the philosophy section for more information).

Working in industry and, later, in his own businesses, Ariel acquired expertise in information technology, computer auditing and security, writing, graphic design, printing, copywriting, marketing and publishing. Other interests include artificial intelligence, human-computer interface design and psychology. He grew up in Brussels, Belgium, and speaks English, French, German and Dutch.

Ariel works with a network of other independent professionals according to the requirements of each project.

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